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Wide range for different applications, such as measuring pressure or temperature to microswitches or foot switches.

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Reliable safety switches for optimum machine safety, including stainless steel, OSSD, IP69K and EX.


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Choosing sensors smartly: 10 practical steps

In the modern technological landscape, sensors are crucial components that bridge the digital and physical worlds. With an incessant increase in complexity and demand for these components, the selection process is as challenging as it is vital.

Family business since 1973

Teleson has been helping manufacturing companies of versatile applications since 1973. We advise, guide and support to arrive at the best sensors and safety switches for a specific application. We focus on manufacturers of smart applications and long-term collaborations.

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We represent high-end brands and offer solutions from the following brands, among others.

Honeywell Sensing and IoT
IDEM Safety Switches
SST Sensing
Linemaster Switch Corp.
ASO Safety Solutions
PIL Sensoren
Azbil Corporation

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