Sensors and safety switches for the manufacturing industry

Teleson is a supplier specializing in sensors and safety switches. We help manufacturing companies in the search and take care of the processes around it. Together, we make applications more reliable and better.

Save time

In the search, integration and supply chain of sensors and safety switches

High-end solutions

We only provide solutions from high-end manufacturers and partners

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R&D, engineering and procurement often run out of time. Do you recognize this?

  • Time flies by in the search for sensors and safety switches.
  • Uncertainty when it comes to choosing a final solution.
  • Frustration when you need to move on and the desired information is not readily available.
  • Prices, delivery times and availability should be checked regularly.


Versatile package of sensors for various applications. From pressure sensors to CO2 sensors and a wide range of switches.

Safety switches

Large package of safety switches. Among other things, the widest range of stainless steel safety switches worldwide.


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We understand what manufacturing companies face

Because we have already helped more than 250 manufacturing companies. Teleson represents the following high-end brands, among others

Honeywell Sensing Solutions
IDEM Safety Switches
SST Sensing
PIL Sensoren
Linemaster Switch Corporation

10 practical steps to choose smart sensors

In the modern technological landscape, sensors are crucial components that bridge the digital and physical worlds. With an incessant increase in complexity and demand for these components, the selection process is as challenging as it is vital.

An application smarter,
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