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Sensors: essential components for intelligent applications

Sensors are important senses in many applications, where they play a key role in increasing the reliability, intelligence level and performance of machines and devices. Teleson offers a wide range of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions to meet specific needs!

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Pressure sensors

Discover our extensive range of pressure sensors for optimal process control and reliability.

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Reliable switches designed for security, durability and reliable signaling.

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Position sensors

Precise position sensors that provide certainty and precision in applications.

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Humidity and temperature sensors

Monitor climate accurately with our high-quality humidity and temperature sensors.

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Gas sensors

Protect the environment with our advanced gas sensors for rapid detection and warning.

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All sensors & switches

Browse our range of sensors and switches, designed for the highest performance and security.

Why Teleson as a sensor partner?

Sensors for a variety of industries

Sensors are crucial in the manufacturing industry and are used in large numbers. Our sensors are therefore used in various industries, such as high-tech, medical and transportation. Examples of applications include pressure sensors for measuring vacuum, position switches for robotic arms and sensors for measuring respiration.

"Recently a relation came to us with a request for a liquid level sensor to detect a minimum level in a tank. After thoroughly analyzing the situation and obtaining the necessary information, we finally settled on a pressure sensor. This solution not only allowed the customer to determine a single point, but immediately offered the ability to measure exactly how much was in the tank at any given time. We like to think along with our relations and look for innovative and effective solutions in this."

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Quality products and high-end sensor solutions

As an Authorized Distributor of leading brands such as Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies, SST Sensing, PIL Sensors, Linemaster Switch Corporation, Klaschka Industrieelektronik and Pulsotronic, Teleson offers a wide range of sensors and sensor solutions. We strive to obtain as much relevant information as possible in advance to then arrive at the best solution. Our products are of the highest quality and reliable, making applications perform better.

Samples and custom sensor assemblies

Is the vast array of sensors overwhelming and making it difficult to choose? We offer
free samples
for testing purposes so that real-world tests can be conducted to determine whether a particular sensor is suitable for the application. Moreover, together with our partners we are able to have custom sensor assemblies made, for example with cable assemblies, connectors and non-standard housings.

Own warehouse and reserved stocks

Teleson has its own warehouse where we store reserved and safety stocks for our relations. We carefully monitor supply and demand to maintain optimal inventory levels and prevent any shortages. With this, we guarantee fast and efficient delivery of our products. Our warehouse is strategically and centrally located in Utrecht, which also facilitates logistics processes in exceptional situations.

Personalized approach and support

Teleson’s expert team is always ready to provide guidance in choosing the right sensors and sensor solutions for applications. We listen carefully to the wishes, requirements and challenges of our relations in order to find the most suitable solution to meet their needs. Thanks to years of experience and expertise in sensor technology, customers can count on reliable and effective solutions.


Success with PAL-V: the right sensors for flying cars

Teleson has
supported in multiple sensor issues. Together we selected sensors that met the wishes and requirements of PAL-V, the tightened requirements of the aviation industry, but were also simply feasible in terms of realization as well as price. We clarified for PAL-V which sensors were already proven in aviation and how these sensor solutions could be made suitable for the specific issues at hand.

Partner in smart sensor solutions

Teleson is a trusted partner in the world of sensors and sensor solutions. With our wide range of quality products, personalized approach and cooperation with renowned brands, we ensure that applications are more reliable, intelligent and perform better. 

Our expert team is always ready to assist in selecting the perfect sensors for specific needs!

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