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Strategic supplier for OEM and mechanical engineering

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Today we are facing an interesting shift in the supply chain. As the market evolves, we evolve with it. In this new era, we focus on helping OEMs and machine builders who are serial producers, of which our products are a part. This includes larger orders, call-off orders and reserved stock to maintain optimal delivery reliability and to decongest the supply chain.

For customers looking for single units or small quantities, we recommend exploring the online market or contacting the application manufacturer, while at Teleson we are ready for those who need the stability and efficiency of long-term strategic partnerships.

Wondering how our position as an OEM supplier and our vision of long-term collaboration can advance your projects? Read on and discover how our collaboration with Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies, for example, can future-proof your production processes.

Strategic focus on long-term collaborations

Current market dynamics require a more strategic and large-scale approach. Shifts in production times and minimum order quantities have increased wait times, directly impacting customers accustomed to speed. As a trusted Honeywell Authorized Distributor, Teleson has already adapted to this in recent years.

Our focus is therefore on building sustainable, long-term relationships with customers focused on serial production of sensors and safety switches. This approach allows us to ensure a stable and reliable supply chain, which is essential in the rapidly changing technology market.

For customers who have specific needs for direct delivery of smaller quantities, we point to the availability and convenience of online web shops. These web shops are a convenient alternative for quick replacements, with costs that often well outweigh the disadvantages of downtime.

The power of inventory management and call-off orders

Teleson mechanical engineeringAt a time when production times are getting longer, one of the things that sets Teleson apart is its thoughtful approach to inventory management for optimal delivery times, even when market conditions are uncertain. This allows OEMs and machine builders to rely on the availability of sensors and safety switches without facing unexpected shortages or delays.

One of our key strategies in this process is call-off orders, a system in which the customer orders a larger quantity of products, which are taken in parts over a period of time. The benefits are clear:

  • Constant stock: It guarantees the customer a constant stock without having to store a large quantity of goods at once;
  • More efficient planning: together we can plan production and inventory management more efficiently;
  • Financial advantages: customers benefit from fixed prices over a longer period of time without having to make the full investment immediately.

As a practical example, a machine builder regularly needs specific sensors from Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies. Placing a call-off order establishes a one-year agreement that specifies the total quantity of sensors. Teleson purchases the full number and stocks them in its own warehouse in Utrecht. The customer then calls in the required sensors quarterly, which are then delivered directly from Teleson’s stock. Invoicing, of course, occurs only after delivery, so the customer can keep the inventory value low.

The result? The customer is assured of the necessary Honeywell sensors and Teleson can better predict and manage inventory levels and purchasing. Such collaborations lead to stability for both parties and are characteristic of our role within the supply chain.

Future-proof collaboration in manufacturing

Future-proofing and stability are essential for Teleson as a supplier to OEMs and machine builders. By supporting serial applications, we ensure that our customers can focus on their core business while we ensure the reliable supply of Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technology sensors, for example, since 1973.

We see ourselves not merely as a supplier, but as a strategic partner. The strategic inventory is therefore precisely tailored to customer needs and enables:

  • Quickly adapt to changing market needs;
  • Ensure the constant availability of essential components;
  • Reduce the likelihood of production delays due to unforeseen shortages;
  • Provide a buffer during peak periods of demand;
  • Strengthen mutual trust between client and partner.

The importance of this strategic stock and partnership transcends mere simple availability and reflects precisely our commitment to forming lasting collaborations that can withstand changing times. In doing so, we guarantee the continuity of production processes and make innovation accessible.

A look at the future of sensors and safety switches

In the veraTeleson future sensor technologynding landscape of sensor technology, Teleson is synonymous with improvement and progress. Through our strategic partnership with Honeywell, we embrace the advent of innovative sensor technologies that not only optimize but transform manufacturing. The future points toward closer integration between sensors and the systems they monitor, with increased emphasis on precision, durability and intelligent data exchange.

Teleson is committed to strengthening processes by deploying smart sensors from Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies that increase efficiency. Teleson’s vision is for applications that are smarter and safer, with sensors and switches that provide essential information to future-proof industries.

Together with our customers, we are on the eve of many technological developments. As a Honeywell Authorized Distributor, Teleson is synonymous with quality and partnership for OEMs and machine builders. For both our existing and future customers, Teleson promises the support and innovation needed to give them an edge in their industry.

Explore the possibilities with Teleson

can sometimes be complex. As a supplier to OEM and machine builders, Teleson is ready to support you in these changing times. With our customized advice and deep expertise in Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies and developments therein, we are building a sustainable future together.

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